Spring Start-ups

ZZ Lawn Sprinkler Systems offers Spring start-ups to all owners of underground sprinklers. Included in the Spring start-up is setting up the control panel for the season, testing each zone for correct operation making sure each head pops up and is spraying correctly, checking for leaks in each zone and valve box. Visually inspecting the backflow.


ZZ Lawn Sprinkler Systems will professionally winterize your system to prevent damage during cold winter months. We are currently offering special pricing for most residential properties. Call for pricing regarding commercial systems.

Maintenance & Repairs

ZZ Lawn Sprinkler Systems’ breadth of professional experience guarantees that we can diagnose and repair virtually any problem with your underground sprinkler system, no matter what the equipment or who installed it! If you call to report a problem, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to work it out.



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