By choosing these exceptional Hunter® products, you endow your property with one of its greatest assets: durable, trouble-free rotary sprinklers with precision engineered nozzles for water-saving efficiency and consistently beautiful results. You’ll get no brown spots near the head or anywhere else, with evenly distributed water at a rate your soil can absorb. The PGP® is driven by today’s most advanced technology, including the industry’s best gear mechanism to provide you with years of flawless service. For a landscape of quiet beauty–and your peace of mind–why settle for second best when you can have the sprinkler by which everything else is measured.

  • Model: 4″
  • Arc setting: 40 to 360 degrees
  • Nozzle choices: 27 total
  • Nozzle racks: #1 to #12 red, 1.5 to 8.0 blue, #4 LA to #10 LA gray
  • Factory Installed rubber cover
  • Through-the-top arc adjustment
  • Quick check arc mechanism
  • Water lubricated gear-drive
  • Warranty period: 2 years
  • Low angle nozzle choices

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